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Magical Dream Tents

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Are the babes not falling asleep? Having nightmares?

Child being scared of nightmares

If your little ones are having trouble falling asleep, then we know you're also having trouble falling asleep. Those dream catchers and nightlights aren't helping because they're not really making your kids feel safe in the dark (even though they are!). Ever wonder why kids get under the blanket when they get scared? That's because they believe their blankets have properties to expel whatever lurks in the shadows. But sometimes it's not enough to remove their deep rooted anxiety. 

Because this tent is more than big enough to cover their entire body, with its glowing lights and magical properties, your beloved will automatically know that they are in a safe haven. So allow your little ones (and yourself) to get a restful sleep in this magical tent today! 

Protect your special one from mosquitoes and dangerous pests

mother and child

Whether it's hot or cold, mosquitoes can still pester your life - especially in the comfort of your own home! In hotter climates, like Australia, mosquitoes can occur all year round. Yikes! Unlike other pests like flies or gnats, mosquitoes have a higher chance to carry dangerous viruses, bacteria and parasites that can harm your beloved. Protect your little one with this magical tent today and let them fall asleep soundly as you safeguard their health.

Get them excited for bedtime

child under the dream tent

Are you having trouble teaching your little one(s) to sleep on time? Do your babes get sad or feisty when fun time is over and it's time for a good nights rest? At UwU Things, we have a special solution for you! With this fantasy, dream tent, you can teach your little one that bedtime isn't the end to fun time. Set up the tent before their bedtime, light up a flashlight (or light up one of our night lights!), and watch as they cuddle next to their favorite plush toy, safe, protected and calm. Bedtime will be their favorite time. Guaranteed.

Foldable, easy to set up and clean

folded tents

We know that children love to make forts out of pillows, blankets, and other household items. We've been there, you most likely have as well! And we all know how much of a hassle it is to clean up after a fort-play-date. Well, our tent has a foldable mechanism to allow for an easy cleanup. Whenever playtime is over, just grab onto both ends and fold it up! The cleanup is a breeze! 

Product Features:


  • Super easy to clean up with a foldable mechanism
  • Made from the highest quality polyester, so your child will have a restful sleep for years to come
  • Tent size (expanded) is 80 x 220 cm (31 x 87 inches)
  • Perfect for 2 years and older
  • Work on twin beds and even bunk beds!

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 15 reviews

    Mauvaise gestion de la poste local, donc pas reçu l’article.Bonne communication avec le vendeur , répond rapidement et m’a fait un remboursement.


    Came quickly, the daughter is very happy


    Very good size, there was small issue 1 side wasn't sewn properly seller gave discount for next order


    Think more fast delivery summer with little Schnauzer


    Very good. The kid likes it very much. Don't know what is the usage of the arcs supplied with it.

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