Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

So, what is an "UwU"?

We're glad you asked! Nowadays, UwU is used as an emoticon to mimic a face that's in a joyful state. Kind of like how we want you to feel when you finally obtained that item you were always eyeing UwU.

Why UwU Things?

To read our story, please navigate to the About Us page.

How can I contact the company?

Either send an email to, or submit an inquiry here at Contact Us.

How many countries do you ship to?

We ship to most countries all over the world! However, if there's a country we can't ship to, we'll contact you immediately through email.

What payment methods are acceptable?

All major payment methods are acceptable! We accept all Visa and Mastercards, as well as Apple Cash, Paypal, Google Pay Etc. 

How do I return an item?

Please take a look at our Refund Policy

Where are your products produced?

All of our products are produced in East Asia, the United States and Europe.

Where is your company located?

We are located in the United States, Virginia (go East Coasters!). If you are visiting Washington DC soon, let us know. We know a few places where you can tour ;).

I've ordered multiple products, but I only received a shipping confirmation email for one product. What happened to my other order?

Don't worry, as part of our mission to guarantee your happiness, we always take extra steps to make sure all your products gets fulfilled and gets shipped to you on time! Because we have multiple suppliers working with us, some of the products you ordered may be from different manufacturers/suppliers. Each supplier has their own time frame to ship out the products, which is why each item you ordered may be shipped separately. If we noticed that the supplier is taking their sweet time to ship, we always make it a habit to contact them on your behalf to ship your items out as soon as possible. Please contact us at if you have any further questions about your order.

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