2020: The Year the Rat Folks Take Over!

The Rat’s Characteristics

Those that are born in the year of the Rat are known to be witty, charming, intelligent, ambitious, practical, inquisitive, and extroverts. But are also stubborn, timid, greedy, stingy, unstable and picky. 

Rats are best known for being quick thinkers, clever and resourceful. People that are born in the Rat year are widely known to live wealthy and prosperous lives! Good news for you rat folks out there! 


Rat's Love Compatibility

It is believed that certain Chinese Zodiac combinations get along better than others, just like some are just naturally destined to remain indifferent. This believe system considers the characteristics of each animal involved, in order to determine whether those animal’s characteristics are or can be compatible. 

The Rat is most compatible with the Ox, Rabbit, and Dragon. 

The Rat is least compatible with the Horse, and Rooster. The main reason as to why a Rat is less likely to get along with a Horse or Rooster is because they lack tolerance towards each other. 

Generally, those that are born in the Rat year can adapt very well to different kinds of environments and situations. Due to the Rat’s charming personality, they are often known to make those around gravitate towards them. However, Rats are very selective when it comes to partners and romantic relationships. Yet, once you are able to enamored a Rat, they will be the best combination of a lover and a friend. Rats are also known to be loyal and protective of their loved ones. 

 Career and Finance

Due to their naturally good instincts, discerning intellect, cautious and meticulous approach, Rats are known to be hard workers who take their job very seriously. 

Fields in which the Rats excel: Administrations, music, research-based careers, politics, law, travelling, broadcast, writing, music, and comedy 

Lucky Charms: 

Colors: Pink and Blue 

Flowers: Lily and African Violet

Lucky numbers: 5, 8 or any combination of these two numbers such as: 58, or 85

Lucky months in Chinese lunar calendar: February, May, and September


Unlucky charms:

Colors: Yellow and Brown

Unlucky numbers: 5, and 9 or any combination of these two numbers such as: 59, or 95.


Horoscope 2020 predictions:

For this year, Rats are expected to experience a lot of fatigue and challenges. Even when things are prosperous, the Rat will feel a sense of dissatisfaction throughout this year. So all you rat folks out there, we are sending lots of love and prosperity for you and your household! Keep fighting on and make every last effort towards your happiness count.

To recap, although this year will be challenging if you are a Rat, your self-discipline and leadership will prove to be great assets in the long run. Remember, that once a Rat falls in love; they are keepers for life. And try to stay away from anything yellow or brown. Find your mantra, and remain positive, don’t overwhelm yourself with negative thoughts. We wish you all best wishes this Lunar New Year!

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2020: The Year the Rat Folks Take Over!

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